Jayendra Jhaveri

The elegance of simplicity, essence of success & an epitome of humanity elucidate Mr. Jayendra Jhaveri. He started his profession as a banker & with his dedication, diligence & conscientiousness went on to become affluent entrepreneur thereby making RONAK as a brand to reckon with.

Being a visionary leader he integrates principles of cultural competency, equitable practices & endeavor to persuade oneself intrigued him to be an edupreneur paving ways to help children expand their horizons in all possible ways & empowering them to flourish in various dimensions of their life.

He promotes the success of every individual by facilitating the articulation, implementation & stewardship of a vision of learning & developing that is shared and supported by all his members. As a committed, zealous, & assiduous sovereign he has taken the lead role as a Chair-person, paving the path of RGA becoming an AVID pre-school and ensuring every child is future ready.

About Sagar

Mr. Sagar Jhaveri is a young, dynamic & the most flamboyant entrepreneur hailing to a century old high profile business family operated on a scale of magnificence. His exuberant personality, pragmatic approach & eminent good sense have helped him craft a niche for RONAK in diversified sectors.

A pioneering entrepreneur with a far-sighted vision of the future he has been instrumental in the rise of RONAK as a brand & providing quality education to contribute towards nation-building he decided to set up educational institution with Global standards where knowledge could be provided along with inculcation of values and an appreciation of Indian culture, arts and heritage.

As a visionary Director, he has passion, enthusiasm & skills that he feels personally accountable for all students under his vivid leadership to be successful in all aspects of their life. He firmly believes that a child is an uncut diamond & if given a right kind of education they can become the glowing embers of truth.

About Hiral

Mrs. Hiral Jhaveri has been involved in the field of education for nearly three years. Having passion, zeal & fondness for teaching and a woman who believes in innovation, modernization & transformation was enthralled by the 21st Century Learning that drove her to launch a pre-school for the benefit of each & every child.

After completing double M.A from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, & successfully completing her B.Ed from New-Zealand, she was inspired to become an educationist. The adaptation of teaching strategy to meet student’s needs in this 21st Century and elemental obligation to nurture global minded, vicarious & ardent individual captivated her to get involved in Global Education.

She believes in amalgamation, collaboration & consolidation for all-round development of children. In her endeavor to furnish meaningful, resourceful & qualitative education she feels the dearth for 21st Century learning that caters to overall development of children which will help them to learn, develop & shine in every phase of their life.